Light Weight Chest Exercises

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Light Weight Chest Exercises. We’ve taken 8 different chest and back exercises and turned them into 3 different workouts. Feel free to try this on your knees for a modified side plank, lovewell says.

Chest & Shoulders Workout
Chest & Shoulders Workout from

Sets 4 reps 12 tempo 2111 rest 60sec. Select 5 exercises from the list below. Then move the weight across your chest up and reach your hand towards the sky.

In fact, you’re going to be struggling to finish that last set, even using lighter dumbbells.

You may just want to use a barbell without any weights since you’re shooting for light weight. When you're working with lighter weights, the key is upping the reps. 3 easy exercises to release a tight chest pec minor ball release | hold 1 min. Here’s an example using moderate weight: