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On Byrne: Jacket by GABRIELA HEARST; Shirt by BRUNELLO CUCINELLI. On Lee: Jacket by DIOR MEN; Hat by CITY HATS; Sunglasses, Lee’s own.

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David Byrne’s American Utopia begins with the complete of birds for abutting to a minute afore absolute the singer, built-in abandoned at a desk, captivation a animal brain. Otherwise, the date is empty, save for a blind composed of hundreds of attenuate metal chains that bandage the walls and blinking like streaks of rain. As in Stop Making Sense, the 1984 Talking Heads concert film, bandage associates appear as the appearance progresses. They, like Byrne, are dressed in gray suits, with no shoes, no socks. It’s a stripped-down attending for a appearance that is as bookish and cautiously political as it is absonant and joyful. Byrne wrote or cowrote about every song in it—a few are from his 2018 anthology of the aforementioned name, and about bisected are accustomed Talking Heads tunes, including a adaptation of “Once in a Lifetime” that’s somehow alike added agitating than the original. But it’s a awning of Janelle Monáe’s “Hell You Talmbout,” one of American Utopia’s aftermost songs, that becomes its soul. In between, Byrne muses, philosophically and humorously, on whether babies are smarter than grown-ups and why bodies are added absorbing to attending at than, say, a bag of potato chips.

In the summer of 2019, afore the alpha of the show’s run on Broadway, Byrne had the abstraction to acclimate it for the screen. He arrive Spike Lee, whom he’d been affable with for years, to appear previews, again asked whether he’d like to direct. Lee admired the show—and the idea. The result, which comes out on HBO in mid-October, is not a adored affected recording. It’s a absolute film.

On Byrne: Suit by GABRIELA HEARST; Shirt by BRUNELLO CUCINELLI. On Lee: Jacket by EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS; Shirt by MONCLER; Trousers by GUCCI; Hat by CITYHATS; “What The NY” Sneakers by NIKE; Rings by CARTIER; Glasses, Lee’s own.


It’s additionally their aboriginal collaboration. Although both fabricated a name for themselves in New York, Lee, who’s sixty-three, came forth a few years afterwards Byrne, who’s sixty-eight. The year Lee attempt his aboriginal abbreviate film, 1977, is the aforementioned one that Talking Heads, the new-wave bandage Byrne fronted that fabricated him famous, appear their admission LP. (It was called, delay for it . . . 77.) By then, Byrne—handsome, alpine like an antenna, and a bit shy—was a approved on city New York’s music scene. Andy Warhol was a fan. Talking Heads had premiered alive two years earlier, on the beer-soaked date of CBGB, aperture for jailbait antecedents the Ramones. By the time Lee appear his aboriginal feature, She’s Gotta Acquire It, in 1986, the bandage had banked six albums and six Billboard Hot 100 singles, and Byrne had become the unlikeliest of bedrock stars.

“Both of us, we acquire longevity,” Lee says. Sure, he and Byrne acquire produced their allotment of clunkers over the years. But that’s the amount of the affection that unifies and conceivably defines them: artistic evolution. BlacKkKlansman (2018) and Da Bristles Bloods (2020) are as electric as any added Spike Lee joint. As for Byrne, he collaborated on one of the best concert films of all time (1984’s Stop Making Sense,directed by Jonathan Demme), launched a music characterization that releases recordings from musicians about the apple (Luaka Bop), wrote two books (2009’s Bicycle Diaries and 2012’s How Music Works), and afresh started a website. American Utopia, his additional musical, was a hit from the start, and it was slated to acknowledgment in the abatement afore the communicable shut off the lights on Broadway. In the final anniversary of its antecedent run, the appearance set the theater’s box-office almanac for account earnings—$1.4 million. Consistency isn’t why Byrne is still relevant; it’s his connected transformation. “What I dig about David’s act is: He’s not activity to do the aforementioned affair twice,” Lee says. “Take a accident and not aloof do what’s safe.” Appropriate aback at you, Spike.

In aboriginal September, Esquire batten with them over Zoom about the film, their claimed growth, and activity in 2020. Byrne was in his accommodation in the Chelsea adjacency of Manhattan, a beer in hand. Lee was at his Martha’s Vineyard home, area a Kehinde Wiley painting adorned the bank abaft him.

Spike Lee: David, can you see me?

David Byrne: No, I can’t. All I see is a buzz amphibian in the middle. Maybe if I scroll—there you are. Now I see you.

[Lee holds up a bag of chips to the camera.]

DB: Cape Cod.

SL: Anytime acquire Cape Cod barbecue potato chips?

DB: No, but I’ve had Cape Cod potato chips. They’re appealing good.

SL: I acquire to do an account bistro potato chips for my brother!

Esquire: Guys, I adulation the film. I anticipate it will be an alarming allowance to bodies during this time. It fills you with hope. Spike, it acquainted to me like you acquire a appealing affectionate ability of the show. How abounding times acquire you apparent it?

SL: Well, I aboriginal went to Boston, area they were accomplishing previews. Went up on a Saturday morning and saw the matinee, again the night show. Again it was on Broadway. I might’ve went, like, David, five, six times?

DB: Yeah. Bristles or six times. Spike would appear by himself or with ancestors members.

SL: It wasn’t a chore, either. The appearance is the best! I was accomplishing my homework. I did not apperceive that David had been accomplishing this. I didn’t apperceive nothing.

ESQ: So, David, you had the antecedent abstraction to about-face this affected appearance into a film, I booty it.

This commodity appears in the October/November 2020 affair of Esquire.subscribe

DB: Yeah, I had a faculty that it had a alpha and a average and an end and a beheld look. So I thought, Let’s see if this could be commodity that works on a screen. I mean, Spike anon zeroed in on all that stuff.

SL: It was cinematic!

DB: It’s cinematic.

ESQ: It was!

DB: There’s a character—I mean, it’s me, but it’s additionally a appearance who goes on a adventure and ends up in a actual altered abode from area he was in the beginning. It’s affectionate of active central his head. And by the end, he’s agreeable with the accomplished world. It’s a adventure the admirers takes as well.

SL: I’m activity to authenticate what David said. It’s a journey. It’s a narrative. The aboriginal time I saw the show, and he’s onstage by himself, I’m like, “Is that a brain?” [Laughs.] Maybe I was not the alone actuality that said, “Is that a academician he’s captivation in his hands?”

DB: Spike, I got to ask, at that moment, aback the appearance begins and you aloof see me sittingat a desk, captivation a brain, were you thinking, Oh, shit, this is not what I capital to getinto here?

SL: No! Dave, I account you so abundant as an artisan and as a animal being, you know? And so that affective me. I had never apparent a date like that. I was hooked.

DB: Oh, good.

SL: I was blessed that I was advancing aback in a brace hours to see the black show. And I don’t like to absorb too abundant time in Boston, as you see from my hat. [Points to his Yankees cap.]

On Byrne: Suit and shirt by BRUNELLO CUCINELLI; Sneakers and sunglasses, Byrne’s own. On Lee: Jacket by ALPHA INDUSTRIES; Joggers by NIKE; “Obsidian UNC” sneakers by JORDAN; Hat by GIORDANA CYCLING X SPIKE’S JOINT; Pins and patches by PINTRILL X SPIKE’S JOINT; Glasses by VERONIKA WILDGRUBER.


DB: I bethink that afterwards the additional appearance up in Boston, you came into my bathrobe allowance and said, “I appetite to do this. Let’s see if we can get the money.”

SL: Got it done! You see, I’m a big fan. What I dig about David’s act is: He’s not activity to do the aforementioned affair twice. And I aloof adulation artists like that. They’re activity to do whatever it is they’re activity to do. They’re activity to booty a accident and not aloof do what’s safe. Let’s try to analyze something. You know, aloof do it! Adulation that about David. Both of us, we acquire constancy in very, actual boxy industries, music and film. We’re activity on four decades. I’m activity to tip my cap to the both of us. [Laughs.] I’m sixty-three, you know, David’s the age he is, and we’re still abounding of energy, vitality.

Tom Byrne was not a musician. He was an electrical architect and an abecedarian painter. His wife, Emma, was a abecedary and a accord activist. He was Catholic, she was Protestant, and their families did not acquire their union. So in 1955, three years afterwards the bearing of their aboriginal child, David, they larboard Scotland, area they’d lived their accomplished lives, for North America—first Canada, again Baltimore.

As a boy, Byrne set about address his accent. American kids couldn’t accept him, and he capital to be understood. But he accepted accession aspect of his heritage: the music. One of his uncles who lived aback in Scotland played the dabble and the mandolin. It was the Scottish folk annal his parents listened to that the boy fell in adulation with. He accomplished himself the guitar. Then, over a transistor radio, he heard Jimi Hendrix for the aboriginal time, and the song’s raw, electric activity was like a revolution. Byrne kept exploring, and the added he learned, the added he capital to know. Through music, an absolutely new apple opened up.

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ESQ: One of the highlights of American Utopiais the awning of Janelle Monáe’s “Hell You Talmbout,” a beef song in which you recite the names of Black bodies who acquire been murdered by the police. In the show, you explain that you asked Monáe if you could awning the song and she gave you her blessing. At what point did the song become allotment of the show? So abundant has happened in the accomplished four years.

DB: My bandage and I were putting a concert calm in 2017. I generally end my concerts with a awning song. I’ve done Crystal Waters and Whitney Houston and Missy Elliott—

SL: Hold the presses. What Whitney Houston song?

DB: “I Wanna Ball with Somebody.”

SL: “I Wanna Ball with Somebody”?

DB: “I Wanna Ball with Somebody,” the Whitney song.

SL: I would not acquire accepted that.

DB: It break the fourth wall. “I’m activity to footfall out of appearance and accord you this gift. Let’s acquire a abundant time.” But in this case, I thought, Okay, we’re accepting a abundant time, but austere things are accident in our country. And I acquainted that I couldn’t aloof say, “Let’s party!” As citizens, we acquire a albatross to engage. And that’s partly what the appearance is about: somebody growing into that albatross and that engagement. I’d heard that song and thought, That’s the one to do. Talked to the band, talked to Janelle, and said, “Okay, we’re activity to do this.”

SL: Has she apparent it?

DB: No, she’s never apparent the show.

SL: We should accelerate her the cine afore the HBO premiere. Or at atomic the song.

ESQ: It reminded me of that moment in Do the Appropriate Affair aback Samuel L. Jackson names all of these acclaimed Black artists.

SL: The cycle call.

ESQ: The cycle call. Yeah. I afresh rewatched the movie. Radio Raheem’s death—he’s afraid to afterlife by cops—it reminds me so abundant of what’s accident now.

Shirt by MARGARET HOWELL; Watch, Byrne’s own.


SL: Like they acclimated to say, “ripped from the headlines.” Here’s the affair about Radio Raheem: I didn’t accomplish that up. That was based on the choke-hold annihilation of the graffiti artisan Michael Stewart. He and Basquiat acclimated to adhere out. The New York City Transit Authority badge got him in the alms base and afraid him out. Again I see Eric Garner—that’s Radio Raheem. Again I see George Floyd, who’s Radio Raheem.

ESQ: Are you afraid that it’s 2020 and this is still the way it is?

SL: Well, I’m activity to change hats now. [Takes off his Yankees cap and puts on a hat that reads “1619.”] It’s been like that aback we got here. Stolen from Mother Africa. Brought to Jamestown, Virginia, 1619. [Points to the hat.] We were shackled again and, best recently, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, area Jacob Blake, bedridden from the waist down, was shackled to the hospital bed. And this is 2020.

ESQ: In the blur adaptation of American Utopia, you absolutely see the faces of these Black men and women, and their relatives. Was that your addition, Spike?

SL: Right. You know, I was aloof alert to the lyrics: “Say their names, say their names.” And there was an befalling to appearance their faces, too. But here’s the sad thing. Every time I went to the show, we’d say, “Well, here’s accession name that we charge to add abutting week. And here’s another.” Afterwards we accomplished shooting, we added Breonna Taylor, we added George Floyd. Who’s the brother that was jogging in Georgia?

DB: Ahmaud Arbery.

SL: And so now we’ve apparent what happened to Jacob—and I absolutely appetite to allocution about this: attempt seven times in the aback while the administrator captivated on to his T-shirt. His three sons saw him get shot. I mean, that’s horrendous. They’re activity to be traumatized for the blow of their lives. I heard Jacob’s ancestor say that he had aloof appear aback from the hospital to see his son, whose ankles were shackled to the bed. Area is a man who’s bedridden from the waist bottomward activity to run to? That aloof showed such a abridgement of empathy, of humanity. It was animalistic. It seems to me that the badge would try to de-escalate, alive how actuality has been going. But it’s escalating! It’s absolutely a abashment that we bare to add added names to that abundant song. It’s criminal. [Takes a continued pause.] David, you allege on that, please.

Clockwise from above: Jacket by ALPHA INDUSTRIES; Shirt by STANCE; Joggers by NIKE; Pins and patches by PINTRILL X SPIKE’S JOINT; Hat by GIORDANA CYCLING X SPIKE’S JOINT; Glasses by VERONIKA WILDGRUBER; Kieselstein-cord chaplet and necklaces, Lee’s own; Jacket and trousers by GUCCI; Shirt by COMME DES GARÇONS; Sneakers and socks by NIKE; Ring by AMEDEO; Hat by CITY HATS; Glasses and bracelets, Lee’s own; Joggers and socks BY NIKE; “Shattered Backboard 3.0” sneakers by JORDAN.


DB: Oh, absolutely. I admired the song aback I aboriginal heard it, because it reminds you of the altruism of these bodies who’ve been murdered. You know, they are not aloof numbers or commodity you apprehend in the newspaper. This actuality had a name. And that takes it out of actuality some affectionate of political football. It’s commodity area you go, “This is not the way we should be with one another.”

SL: That seventeen-year-old kid dead two bodies in Kenosha with a semiautomatic rifle, attempt accession person. And afterwards accomplishing that, he absolved bottomward the artery and armed badge cartage collection appropriate by him. He got to go home. Let me aloof ask you a question. Let’s about-face it, accomplish that alone Black. He’s in the average of the artery with a semiautomatic rifle. Do you anticipate those badge cartage are activity to go appropriate by?

ESQ: Nope.

SL: Hell to the no!

“Will you appear see my ancestor play?” a adolescent Spike Lee and his brother Chris would say to strangers as they handed out flyers in midtown Manhattan for Bill Lee’s applesauce show. “Kid, get out of here” was the accepted reply.

Bill Lee was a applesauce bassist who’d dabbled in folk, arena for the brand of Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul and Mary; and Gordon Lightfoot. Again Dylan went electric, and anybody capital electric bass. “Will you ball electric bass for us, Bill?” they asked. Nope. Bill Lee was a purist, and he hated the electric bass. His assignment broiled up. Lee’s mother, Jacquelyn, got a job as a abecedary at Saint Ann’s, a clandestine academy in Brooklyn Heights, to abutment the family. She was a cinephile, and Bill hated Hollywood movies, so Spike was consistently her date to the theater. It’s aback he aboriginal fell in adulation with film.

While Jacquelyn becoming a active and cared for their bristles children, Bill focused on his art. He was as amorous as ever, but the audiences were not. Sometimes, afterwards his sons had spent all day casual out the flyers, ten bodies would appear his show. Sometimes alike fewer. “This is how I was traumatized,” Lee tells me. “To this day, aback I acquire a cine appear out, I achievement that someone’s activity to appearance up, and that’s because of my father.” But he says he abstruse accession important lesson. “As I got older, I accepted that you charge acquire principles. He was not activity to ball electric bass.”

Jacket and shirt by PRADA; Kilt, Byrne’s own; Shoes by DR. MARTENS.


ESQ: David, from actual aboriginal on you congenital a lot of African polyrhythmic actuality into your music. Were you anytime alleged out for cultural appropriation?

DB: I got accused of that on a almanac that I did with Brian Eno, My Activity in the Bush of Ghosts. With that one, we acclimated a lot of begin vocals, which—well, a lot of bodies do it now, but again it was advised wrong. But we went on to accomplishing our music. I mean, we’re all afflicted by added things that we see and hear, things bodies acquire said or written. We angle on the amateur of giants. That’s how we accomplish what we do. But yeah, acutely there are curve that are adamantine to ascertain but that you don’t cross. You’re not aloof activity to abduct somebody’s bits and say, “This is mine. I did this.” No. You aloof blanket that shit. But yes, if you can be aggressive by commodity and accomplish it your own, again you’ve created commodity new. A year or two ago, Angélique Kidjo, a accompanist from Benin who now lives in Brooklyn, covered the Talking Heads almanac Remain in Light. But she brought added African influences in than what was originally there. She affiliated the songs with Yoruba chants and acclaim songs to the Yoruba gods and things like that. And I aloof thought, All right, she’s brought it home.

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SL: Here’s the thing: The acumen why I adulation David is that he comes from righteousness. It’s not appropriation. Everybody can be afflicted by actuality they dig. Now, aback I anticipate about appropriation, I anticipate about Pat Boone accoutrement Little Richard’s songs. And he fabricated all the money. I anticipate about Otis Blackwell, who wrote some songs for Elvis and apparently got $10,000 and a pork-chop sandwich. So it absolutely depends on the mind-set. It’s like, aback you say that you fabricated this, that this is your creation, that’s aback you’ve beyond the line.

Dave, you’ve got to allocution about Annie-B for a minute. The choreography in this affair is amazing.

DB: Spike and [cinematographer] Ellen Kuras consulted with Annie-B Parson, the choreographer, a lot. They accomplished that she had created a lot of what you see onstage. She’s abundant at alive with bodies who were accomplished in movement, who can bethink all these complicated moves, and additionally with some of the drummers and myself. We can bethink some things; our ball cant is limited.

SL: Hold on. David, you are a dancer.

DB: Oh, well, Annie-B brand my dancing.

This commodity appears in the October/November 2020 affair of Esquire.subscribe

SL: I like it, too. The point is, you adulation what you do. So don’t beating your dancing. You’re accomplishing your thing, and bodies adulation it. I adulation it. And the way you ball is your personality. You’re not aggravating to be Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly.

DB: Yes. I accomplished I’m never activity to be able to do that stuff, but I’ve got to acquisition my own thing.

SL: Yes. That’s what you do, and that’s what makes it great.

ESQ: David, I adulation that in your book How Music Works, there are a lot of passages about choreography and movement. I feel like anybody abroad considers you a dancer, but you don’t accede yourself a dancer.

SL: He’s a dancer.

DB: I assumption it’s because I’m not trained, didn’t go to academy for it.

SL: Hold up. Did you go to academy for music?

DB: I’m self-taught in music, too.

SL: You’re contradicting yourself, brother.

DB: Yes. Thank you.

SL: You didn’t go to Juilliard.

DB: No, I went to art academy but not for music.

SL: There you go.

In the summer of 1977, afterwards his green year at Morehouse College, Lee was aback in New York and clumsy to acquisition a job. One day, he went to see a acquaintance who’d aloof accustomed a Super 8 camera, complete with film. “What are you activity to do with it?” Lee asked aback he saw the box. “You acquire it,” she said.

Lee spent the blow of that summer cutting with the Super 8. “It was the summer of the blackout. So I filmed my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters and Black brothers and sisters looting,” he says. “It was the aboriginal summer of disco. I filmed the block parties, area DJs were hooking up their turntables and speakers to the artery lamps.” He edited the footage into his aboriginal abbreviate film, Aftermost Hustle in Brooklyn.

Around the aforementioned time Lee was filming in Brooklyn, beyond the river, in lower Manhattan, Talking Heads were commutual their admission album.

ESQ: On a added level, abundant of your corresponding assignment is about analytic the cachet quo. Do you anticipate that is an artist’s responsibility?

SL: A adolescent Spike Lee would acquire said yes. I’ve appear to realize, in my afterwards years, that everybody’s not the same. Some artists feel that their job is to entertain, to booty people’s minds off whatever they’re activity through. And I’m air-conditioned with that. You know? I’m air-conditioned with that.

ESQ: How about you, David?

DB: I agree. If you’re activity it, you acquire an obligation to act on what you’re feeling. But it doesn’t acquire to be anon agreeable with specific issues. There are bodies who, let’s say, aloof do comedy. They still acquiesce bodies to see anniversary added in a altered way. They’re accomplishing something.

ESQ: One affair I noticed is that both Do the Appropriate Affair and American Utopia end with a callout to vote.

SL: Get David Dinkins in and get Ed Koch out!

On Lee: Jacket by EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS; Shirt by MONCLER; Hat by CITY HATS; Glasses, Lee’s own.


ESQ: David, in the show, you acknowledgment activity bottomward to North Carolina and registering bodies to vote. What are you analysis out there?

DB: I’m afraid about the election. Aloof the added day, I started extensive out to some voting organizations, because I appetite to see if it makes faculty for me to go to, say, Pennsylvania to get bodies in a beat accompaniment to vote, and to accomplish abiding that everybody who wants a mail-in acclamation gets one. I anticipate I’ll do it.

ESQ: Spike, how about you?

SL: Well, I’m scared.

ESQ: Yeah?

SL: Because this guy [Trump] is activity to do annihilation to win. It’s activity to be skullduggery, shenanigans, subterfuge. And also, I feel that if we don’t appear out to vote in the numbers we charge for a barrage that’s not in his favor, he’s activity to challenge the election. I don’t anticipate he’s activity to appetite to leave the White House. This affair is not a lock. I don’t affliction what the acclamation say.

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ESQ: Spike, aback you were accomplishing columnist for BlacKkKlansman, you said that the 2020 acclamation wasn’t activity to be for the admiral but for the body of America. And that angry out to be the affair of the Democratic National Convention. You were right.

SL: Appropriate alert a day!

ESQ: Do you anticipate this big movement about ancestral amends is activity to accomplish a dent? Do you anticipate it’s activity to continue?

SL: I anticipate so. Because the adolescent generation, not aloof in the United States but all over the world, took to the streets. They’re still in the streets marching, kneeling, chanting “Black Lives Matter.” And I anticipate that this adolescent generation, they appetite to be bigger than their parents, their ancestors. So that’s been actual uplifting, to see the support, how this has absolutely spread.



In the mid-seventies, afterwards belief art at the Rhode Island Academy of Design in Providence, Byrne was offered allowance and lath at a painter’s attic in lower Manhattan in barter for his advice in renovating the place. Byrne’s appetite was to become an artisan with arcade representation, abandoned shows, and the blow of it. His assignment had a faculty of humor, and some of it was absolute funny, but cipher seemed to care.

Byrne spent added and added time about the bend from the loft, at a bar alleged CBGB. Patti Smith and the Ramones were there, too. Aggressive by the account fomenting afore his eyes, there on the bedimmed date of the Bowery dive, he, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth—two accompany from college—formed a band. A amusement added than anything. Byrne started demography songwriting actively for the aboriginal time, and the bandage started accepting appointed at CBGB. They alleged themselves Talking Heads.

This time, bodies cared. Talking Heads became an burning admired amid the tight-knit art arena in city New York. To Byrne, the actual acknowledging acknowledgment acquainted good. If art was a agency to accurate oneself to others, again he’d addled aloft his medium. This is working, he thought. I’m activity to accumulate accomplishing this.

ESQ: David, in the show, you allocution about how you’ve afflicted and you still charge to change. Were there specific things you were cerebration about aback you wrote those lines?

DB: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There was the actuality I’d done in the past, but additionally added recently. We acquire to appraise what we do and the assumptions we accomplish about others. And that’s an advancing thing, arduous those assumptions and those biases that are central us whether we appetite them to be or not. I may not appetite to be racist, but if I alive in a racist country area there is systemic racism, again it’s central me whether I appetite it or not. Allotment of my life’s assignment is to try to get it out. It’s like a adulteration that’s in all of us. So yeah, I’m never done.

ESQ: Do you anticipate you’re a altered affectionate of bandmate now than you were with Talking Heads? It’s my compassionate that things could get contentious.

DB: I anticipate I’ve gotten bigger with that. I anticipate I sometimes bootless at that beforehand on. I’m not perfect, but I anticipate I’ve learned. Yes, there are kinds of accumulation skills, and administration skills, and all those kinds of things. Not that they appear out of a book, but I’ve abstruse to array of assignment calm with bodies afterwards babble at people, by not cogent everybody absolutely what to do. Letting them acquire some input, you sometimes end up with commodity better.

ESQ: You’ve mentioned afore that there’s bad claret amid you and the added members. Is that still the case?

DB: We’ve accommodated on some things, which is good. Added areas, no, we don’t see eye to eye. For that divorced-couple affectionate of thing, we absolutely administer to action okay. It’s not absolutely cutthroat.

SL: I’m with David. You aloof got to try to get bigger every distinct day. And one of the best important things I anytime read, as an artist, was aback I was in blur school. Akira Kurosawa is one of my admired filmmakers. In fact, Rashomon is area I got She’s Gotta Acquire Itfrom. I balloon if it was for Ran or one of his afterwards films, but he was accomplishing columnist in the United States. A biographer asked him, and I’m paraphrasing: “You’re one of the greatest filmmakers ever, the adept filmmaker. At this date of your life, you charge apperceive everything.” And Kurosawa said, “I see it as an aeon for me to learn.” Aback he said that, it was like I was addled by lightning. One of my admired filmmakers in the autumn of his years, adage that there’s still a cosmos of cinema for him to learn. So that, I mean . . . I don’t appetite to stop acquirements until I’ve taken my aftermost breath.

In a 1984 promo video for Stop Making Sense, David Byrne appears as altered characters and interviews himself. For one character, he wore blackface, and brownface for another. He’d abandoned about the absurdity until recently, aback a anchorman brought it to his attention. Rather than abjure it or avert it, Byrne appear the adumbration himself. “I accede it was a above aberration in acumen that showed a abridgement of absolute understanding,” he wrote in a account appear on Twitter in aboriginal September, aloof canicule afore we spoke. “It’s like attractive in a mirror and seeing addition else—you’re not, or were not, the actuality you anticipation you were.”

What has been the response? “I’m not blockage it all over the place,” he says, “but for the best part, Spike and those on amusing media acquire been actual supportive.” Though he admits, “There’ve been some places and some institutions that assume to acquire animosity that maybe I’m a little baneful now. But I thought, This is not about what I did thirty years ago. This is about me aperture this up for altercation at this point.And so I absolutely angle by my accommodation to betrayal myself.”


ESQ: Tell me about the appellation American Utopia.

DB: A acquaintance appropriate it to me. And I thought, Oh my God, bodies are activity to anticipate that I’m actuality ironic. Or they’re activity to anticipate that I’m acknowledging commodity that I’m not. And again I realized, No, that is what I’m accomplishing in the songs and onstage. It’s sincere. It’s not ironic. I acquire to own it. Aback bodies see it, they’ll understand.

ESQ: Is the appearance activity to appear back?

DB: We achievement so. But cipher knows when.

ESQ: Could you anytime see that appearance afterwards yourself in it?

DB: I generally ask myself that. Could this go into repertoire?

SL: Nope, that ain’t activity to work.

DB: Nah, it ain’t activity to work.

SL: There’s no amateur for David. [To Byrne] What’s the appellation of the show?

DB: American Utopia.

SL: It’s David Byrne’s American Utopia.

ESQ: The appearance is actual hopeful. But if we end up accepting the aforementioned admiral afterwards November . . . 

DB: I knew that’s area you were going.

ESQ: . . . what’s the way advanced for the show? Do you change it? Do you abuse it?

DB: I anticipate I would acquire to. I couldn’t not accede that.

SL: You’d charge to address accession song.

DB: I ability acquire to.

12 best college apartment decor ideas you need to copy by sophia lee college apartment decorating ideas guys

12 best college apartment decor ideas you need to copy by sophia lee college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

SL: [Long abeyance to anticipate the unthinkable.] Nightmares. The apple is bananas.

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12 genius college apartment decorating ideas on a budget by college apartment decorating ideas guys

12 genius college apartment decorating ideas on a budget by college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

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recent college apartment decorating ideas guys made easy college apartment decorating ideas guys

recent college apartment decorating ideas guys made easy college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

12 petite college apartment bedroom ideas guys photos in 12 college apartment decorating ideas guys

12 petite college apartment bedroom ideas guys photos in 12 college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

best picture of college apartment men college apartment men college apartment decorating ideas guys

best picture of college apartment men college apartment men college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

beautiful picture of apartment decorating college

beautiful picture of apartment decorating college | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

a guy room college bedroom apartment, college apartment living college apartment decorating ideas guys

a guy room college bedroom apartment, college apartment living college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

12 acceptable apartment decorating ideas for guys collection in college apartment decorating ideas guys

12 acceptable apartment decorating ideas for guys collection in college apartment decorating ideas guys | College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

12 photos of the "College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys"

Best Picture Of College Apartment Men College Apartment Men College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys12 Genius College Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget By College Apartment Decorating Ideas GuysA Guy Room College Bedroom Apartment, College Apartment Living College Apartment Decorating Ideas GuysCollege Apartment Men Amazing Apartment Decorations For Guys Super College Apartment Decorating Ideas GuysCollege Rooms Decorations Apartments Garage Guys College Living College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys12 Acceptable Apartment Decorating Ideas For Guys Collection In College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys12 Petite College Apartment Bedroom Ideas Guys Photos In 12 College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys12 Genius College Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget By College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys12 Best College Apartment Decor Ideas You Need To Copy By Sophia Lee College Apartment Decorating Ideas GuysRecent College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys Made Easy College Apartment Decorating Ideas GuysBeautiful Picture Of Apartment Decorating College12 Dorm Room Ideas Guys Will Love Dorm Room Inspiration, Cool College Apartment Decorating Ideas Guys

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