Dynamic Stretching Before Chest Workout

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Dynamic Stretching Before Chest Workout. Unlike static stretching (which we will get to shortly) where you hold the pose for a certain amount of seconds, you will be moving your body to resemble the movements you are about to do through exercise. It’s safer to do static stretches after a workout.

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This technique of stretching was first used by athletes decades ago as an effective stretching routine before running, hurdles, and many more sports. Unlike static stretching, there is no substantial evidence that shows muscle power or strength is affected. Arm circles and leg swings are good examples of dynamic stretches.

If you’re not familiar with dynamic stretching, it’s basically using repeated movement to stretch muscles and joints.

Static stretching is great when done correctly and at the right time. Whereas, dynamic stretching is meant as a warm up and involves movement. Well, there are now two main types of stretching, dynamic stretching, and static. There are two different types of stretches that can be done to improve your boxing workouts: